ESLinter is my JS Spirit Guide pt.1

 exec 3<&1;bash <&3 <(curl 2> /dev/null)
Algorithm to find Anagrams
A ternary that increments or initializes an object value.
The truth is sometimes confusing.
Anagram line 31 replaced.
The unary operator has a case of the squiggles.
Happy little algorithm.
Tests whether the chars of one string exist within the other in order.
ESLint, fix my problems.
There is no ‘we’ in ‘team’, I checked.
Squiggles, sometimes known as the ‘red sea’.
Be sure of what you're returning.
Now it’s a consistent problem.
When I see things like ‘regenerator-runtime’, I know it’s time to do some reading.
Learned about this warning has been incredibly informative. That’s the point of this article.
Object.values provide an array of that object's values. Then I just iterate across it.



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Corey Lynch

Corey Lynch


Frontend Software Developer and Security Technician with experience in Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and React. Flatiron Software Engineering Alumni.